5 reasons for choosing CN Group

  • ISTQB® CTFL certification is mandatory for all CN Group test engineers.
  • CN Group is an accredited ISTQB® Platinum Partner.
  • All our lecturers are professionals, with more than 10 years of practical experience.
  • Probability of passing the final exam after training by us is higher than 90%.
  • We are an ISTQB® accredited training provider and all our training courses cover 100% of the desired content.


ISTQB® CTFL (Certified Tester Foundation Level)

Target participants

  • for new or junior test engineers
  • for all who want to obtain ISTQB® certification and to be prepared for the final exam
  • for all who want to know how to perform testing

Length: 3 days


  • Fundamentals of Testing
  • Testing Throughout the Software Life-cycle
  • Static Techniques
  • Test Design Techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tool Support for Testing

Additional information

ISTQB® CTFL-A (Agile Tester Extension)

Target participants

  • for all test engineers working, or intending to work, on agile projects
  • for all those who want to obtain ISTQB® certification and to be prepared for the final exam
  • for all those who want to know how to perform testing on agile projects

Length: 2 days


  • Agile Software Development
  • Fundamental Agile Testing Principles, Practices, and Processes
  • Agile Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools

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Course and exam dates

No training dates available at the moment!

For any registration issues, changes or questions, please email us at janota@cngroup.dk.
Note: It is possible to perform training on your premises for groups of 5+ participants.


It is possible to take the final exam either with the Czech and Slovak Testing Board or with the Česká společnost pro jakost.

To obtain ISTQB® CTFL or ISTQB® CTFL-A certifications it is necessary to pass a 1 hour test with 40 questions (for each exam).

The success ratio is 65%. The recommended preparation is to participate on our accredited training course. It is possible to take the exams in the English language, in which case an additional time bonus of 25% is added.

See the ISTQB certification scheme for more information.

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David Janota

QA & Security Director
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