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Skills and Technologies

FrontendReact, Angular, ELM
Backend.NET, Java, Kotlin
DevOpsAWS, Azure, Docker
MobileReact Native, iOS, Android
OtherC++, PHP, CAD, F#, SQLAll technologies

Frontend in CN Group mainly centre on Javascript

CN Group delivers 40+ different web applications per year and has 80+ Javascript developers ready for your projects.

CN Group is an expert in various types of web applications from heavy content apps to heavy traffic apps, from e-shops to applications for internal networks such as big warehouses, hospitals, etc. Our philosophy is to be technologically flexible and to keep up with the latest trends, including functional programming. We mostly use React, Vue, Angular or elm (purely functional framework). As our usual separator between the frontend and the backend, REST was the number one choice for many years, however we are now using the newer GraphQL which brings significant benefits to our custom solutions.


React, Angular, VueJS, ELM

Reference projects

  • Time & Scheduling systems
  • Recipe portals
  • Infotainment system for trains in California
  • RealEstate portals
  • Celebrity or News portals


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Expert Backend knowledge

CN Group has strong experience in backend technologies thanks to a community of 90+ developers, the successful delivery of several hundreds of projects, and the use of various technologies.

We mostly develop in Java, .NET, NodeJS, or PHP. We successfully implemented Groovy, Scala, and Clojure. In 2013 we became a Microsoft Gold Partner and for .NET we take all the benefits of the modern .NET Core platform, including functional programming in F#. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud Webservices, or Google Cloud Platform are today playing a more important role in bespoke application development. In PHP we tend to work either with Symfony or Laravel.

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C#, F#, PHP, NodeJS, Java, Spring, Scala, Clojure, Groovy

Reference projects

  • Emergency calls application
  • Loan origination system, ledger system and checkout for bank
  • Visitor management and intraday planning
  • Content management system for technical documentation
  • Integration platform


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DevOps solutions for our clients

DevOps consultancy services will speed up, automate, and improve your deployment and integration process.

What can our DevOps consultant help you with?

  • Server or Cloud setup
  • Setup of virtualization
  • Continuous Integration and introduction of the tooling to the team
  • Cloud solution setup
  • Analysis of your solution in case your project is hitting some boundaries (e.g. Scalability or Performance issues, Cost optimization)
  • Migration from one service to another

Which topics do we usually cover?

  • Cloud setups such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud services (AWS Solutions architect certified)
  •  Docker, Puppet, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD topics (Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab)
  • Logging and Monitoring (ELK stack, New Relic)
  • GIT flow, JIRA/TFS setup, Project architecture revision



Docker, Jenkins, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes

Reference projects

  • AWS + Kubernetes setup as a cost optimization topic
  • CI/CD pipelines, Docker and whole development workflow setup
  • Performance improvements on AWS
  • AWS + Cloudformation scripts setup

Mobile applications

No matter whether you need a Native or Hybrid app, CN Group will help to build any sort of app - from one connected to an IoT device to a native app for your news portal.

Native apps
For Core iOS and Android development, we tend to use SwiftUI as a technology for iOS development and Kotlin for the Android part.

Interpreted apps
Interpreted apps are a step in between a native and a hybrid app solution. Thanks to React Native your team will get many benefits such as sharing code between iOS and Android platforms, between the web and the mobile app, retaining a native-like application.

Hybrid apps
This approach gets furthest from the native feeling and behavior of your mobile app. Typical technologies that represent this approach are Apache Cordova or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which we love to use for our projects.


iOS, Android, React Native, SwiftUI, Kotlin, PWA

Reference projects

  • International SKI championship app (React Native)
  • Celebrity portal app (ReactNative + Hybrid)
  • Scheduling app for doctors (PWA)
  • Fashion eshop (SwiftUI + Kotlin)
  • Medical app (React Native)
  • IoT device app (SwiftUI)

Drupal is our favourite Backoffice

Our DRUPAL team implements various solutions from e-commerce to publishing systems used by big portals.

We trust most in DRUPAL for building Content Management Systems (CMS). We have experience with both DRUPAL 7 and DRUPAL 8, and can provide either a full Drupal solution or the more popular headless Drupal, which combines Drupal back-office with the technology of your choice, such as React, on the frontend connected through an API.

Our developers are very active in the Drupal open source community and help with arranging and even hosting many events in the Czech and Slovak community.

Learn more about our DRUPAL team


Drupal, Solr

Reference projects

  • News portals
  • Content HUB
  • E-commerce solutions for various eShops

UI/UX as a service

With a team of 8 UX Designers, we create or improve the user experience of your applications.

The User experience and design of your application are what sells the product. Our team can deliver prototypes, wireframes and designs at the beginning of the project. But mainly they can help you with the Design Sprint - a one-week prototyping session where a goal is to create a real-looking prototype from which useful feedback from five end users can be harvested immediately. Our UX specialists moderate between 10 and 15 Design Sprints every year.

UX/UI services:

Wireframes or Prototypes creation Business or UX workflow review Google Analytics setup A/B Testing strategy Usability testing Accessibility strategy for app

Learn more about our UX services


Design Sprint, Design and Wireframe creation, A/B Testing, Accessibility

Reference projects

  • Management console
  • Desicion workflow
  • Ferry Cargo application
  • Customer portal
  • Mobile apps


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At CN Group we live Agile

We started adopting agile techniques back in 2006. Nowadays 99% of our projects are running agile. Our 11 certified scrum masters are at your service.

CN Group primarily uses Scrum enhanced with our own set of best practices. We also use other agile frameworks – pure Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe, or a completely tailored solution as best suits a particular client or project’s needs.

Our typical team setup is 5-7 developers, testers, scrum master from CN Group  plus a product owner nominated by a customer. Despite working remotely, we acknowledge the importance of face to face communication and one of our key tools for successful projects is regular workshops where we discuss the current topics, business requirements and plan our next slice of work.



Scrum, Kanban, LeSS

Reference projects

  • 99% of our projects are running agile


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Functional programming

The Functional approach means faster development and a lower bug rate, with fewer lines of code in complex applications.

Functional programming as a parallel stream of technologies in backend as well as frontend is mainly used for complex business applications in finance and e-commerce.

CN Group launched its F# team in 2016, delivering many successful projects. On the Java platform we now use Scala. Thanks to elm, we are writing functional code on frontend with no runtime errors. CN Group is a supporter of local Czech functional programming communities such as FSharping and elmPrague.


F#, ELM, Scala

Reference projects

  • E-commerce solution for payment providers
  • Supplier vetting system with advanced web UI & emailing
  • Product HUB compiling 4 different companies, including stocks & pricing modules
  • Booking switch between ferry operators and travel agents
  • Weather forecast data aggregation from various sources


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