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Solution Focus

Whenever a customer needs their system integrated with an external system, or a unified and secured interface to provide data to external entities

CN Group Approach

Every development starts with an analysis phase in which our team discusses with the customer all aspects of provided/consumed data: format, security, performance, scaling, retention, versioning, law & legal regulation (GDPR), existing technology stack constraints, production setup requirements, etc. Based on such analysis the most suitable integration or API design and architecture including technology stack is chosen.

What it is about

Securely handle data exchange between your system and external entities through an interface or within an integration.

Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
E-commerce, Retail & Service
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Technology stack

The stack used for development is decided based on analysis and the customer's needs, but, in general, our teams keep to the latest stable technologies available. For .NET and Microsoft, we use ASP.NET, .NET Core 3, MSSQL, Cosmos DB in combination with Microsoft Azure Cloud. Many of our projects are designed in the modern Serverless way to provide top market performance, security & scaling options with low operational costs.

  • Secure data exchange
  • Unified data outputs/inputs
  • Parsing of articles
  • Integration platform of multiple systems

Case studies

Ferry Gateway Association:

Unified booking of the North Seas’ ferries

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