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Our bespoke back-office systems can bring competitive advantage and save you time and money.


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Bespoke finance back-office solution

Larger organisations need to have several internal back-office systems. Most ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions are too complicated. They often lack features clients need and make clients pay for features that they don´t need! Such inadequate systems make it difficult to achieve significant competitive advantage. Customised back-office systems can fulfil all your business  ideas, saving you cost and time.

Typical drawbacks of off-the-shelf software products:

  • Too many features, increasing the complexity of the system
  • Unused features that cost money, but deliver no benefit
  • The main features are often not fully suited to your situation

CN Group analyses your business, then designs the system to fit your needs. We start with the minimum viable product incorporating the main features. Then, with feedback from users, the system functions are extended. 

CN Group has created bespoke back-office systems for loan management, compliance, debt collection, and promissory notes.

Technology stack

The technology stack chosen is based on analysis and the customers preferences. Modern technologies and architecture are applied. If the system is big enough, microservice architecture can be used to avoid one big monolithic system, splitting it into simpler, and more easily maintained, smaller services. The reasons for doing this might be to distribute the work better between more development teams; or to have the possibility of different release cycles; or better scalability. There are several optional platforms for the system. We can build an ‘in-house’ solution based on a local database server with web applications deployed on a local IIS. Another option, which is a nice fit with the microservice pattern, is to use one of the professional cloud solutions:

  • MS Azure (Cosmos DB, tables, blobs and hosted Web apps and API or just serverless MS Azure functions,)
  • Amazon Web Service (Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, Amazon ECS).

Examples of finance back-office features:

  • Loan management system

  • Compliance application

  • Debt collection system

  • Promissory notes management

  • Ledger system

  • Reporting services