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Bespoke E-commerce solutions

Organisations are searching for ways to handle customer interaction in a more focused manner extending selling options, with less manual work. This is also beneficial for customers, who increasingly expect self-service access to information rather than having to make phone calls or send emails.

CN Group has implemented about 20 custom-designed customer portals over the last 3 years. We understand that it is necessary to be focused on the requirements of both sides and on usability. Therefore we know how to determine the main features and the ‘look and feel’ that every bespoke B2B or B2C customer portal must have.

Several critical points:

  • High usability for targeted users
  • Security
  • Product /services display
  • Connection to other systems (ERP, payment gateway, stock, etc)
  • Administration, user management and reporting
  • Low maintenance over system lifecycle (changes and extensions are necessary to keep the solution functional and more profitable for income/sales/opportunity generation)

Technology stack

Bespoke solutions allow you to tailor-make a self-service sales tool suited to your users’ and business’ needs. Our practise is to start any customer portal project with a Design Sprint and prototype (a Minimum Viable Product - MVP) to prove the design approach as well as the business idea, and also to ensure that the new sales tool will produce the expected results.

The technology stack chosen is based on analysis and the customer’s preferences. For e-shops we use many kinds of tech stack, however the most usual is a combination of Drupal-based CMS in which the customer has all the content under control, in combination with a headless frontend solution, for example using React or VueJS. Therefore the customer has all the freedom and flexibility of the UI and end user UX while still keeping all the data editable.

It is not unusual to have the system ready to support multiple languages or even multiple online shops for similar brands. CN Group also has experience supporting multiple payment options on one or more payment gateways.

Examples of e-commerce features:

  • B2B and B2C portal

  • Booking systems and sites

  • Product configurator

  • Payment gateways

  • Customer service desk