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Organisations are searching for more efficient way to handle customer interaction, with less manual work, and the extension of selling options through single point of contact.  Increasingly, customers are expecting self-service access to accurate information, rather than having to make many phone calls or send multiple emails.

CN Group Approach

While respecting the demands of different customer domains and character of business users, there are several critical points that every B2B or B2C customer portal must take into account:

  • High usability for targeted users
  • Security
  • Product /services display
  • Connection to other systems (ERP, payment gateway, stock, etc)
  • Administration, user management and reporting
  • Low maintenance over system lifecycle (changes and extensions are necessary to keep the solution functional and more profitable for income/sales/opportunity generation)

What it is about

Bespoke solution will drive sales and handle your customer interactions more successfully thanks to a precise fit to your users’ and business needs.

Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
E-commerce, Retail & Service
Engineering & Construction

Best practice process

Bespoke solutions allow organisations to tailor-make a self-service sales tool precisely suited to their users’ and business’ needs. An MVP approach helps businesses to be both fast on the market and to adjust the solution based on immediate market reaction and developing business needs.

One recent ‘best practise’ is to start any customer portal project with a prototype to test the designed approach to ensure that the new sales tool will produce the expected results.

CN Group has implemented about 20 bespoke customer portals during the last 3 years, which means we offer you not only best practise but also, importantly, lessons learned and cross-domain experience. Such a knowledge base will help us, together with you, create the perfect “sales gun” tailor-made for your organisation’s targets.

  • B2B and B2C portal
  • Booking systems and sites
  • Product configurator
  • Payment gateways
  • Customer service desk
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