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Digital Media

Customise your digital media portal to users

We cover the entire publication process, with UX perfection and high performance.

Media & Publishing

A publishing process that fits your needs

Every digital publisher wants its media channels to be user-friendly while delivering business results. The obstacle may be that not only is its interface not attractive enough for consumers, but also that it can make data management complicated.

At CN Group we cover the entire publication process with technical solutions- from content management through middleware to APIs for browsers and mobile apps and finally on to customer-facing digital media products on the web or mobile applications - all this withuser experience perfection and high performance.

We also have powerful internal tools for your marketing and sales departments to analyse the data and monitor execution of your channels. Our solutions are always delivered with SEO support and API connections to other services (Google, MailChimp etc.)

Technical stack:

Based on your requirements and expectations, we suggest the most appropriate technical stack and architecture for the final solution. Our best practice is to start with a design sprint to make sure that we focus on the right things to guarantee future high usability and commercial results.

We usually use the latest version of Drupal for content management because of its indisputably good functional attributes. We are also able to cover custom processes with bespoke tools developed in Java, .NET, C# or F#, node.js and others. For the frontend, we mainly use javascript frameworks. Our focus is always on the latest, best practice technologies, enabling high performance and UX perfection – our current choices are mainly React and Vue.js.

Examples of Digital Media Solutions:

  • Digital media applications

  • Content HUB

  • Marketing tools

  • Data monitoring and analysis

  • API connections to other services (Google, Mailchimp, etc.)