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Solution Focus

External teams exactly fitting the needs and character of the IT organisation. Our dedicated teams can be fully intergrated or stand alone, with flexible sizing and skills.

CN Approach

Number of companies are facing lack of specialised IT resources however those needs are dynamically evolving in line with business situation and internal solutions are facing labour market issues or might take too long time.

Typical business reasons are:

  • Time to market speed-up
  • New tasks resulting from digitalisation are not fitting current IT organisation
  • Missing technology knowledge
  • Luck of resources within region
  • Time boxed project
  • Too many individual contractors with high costs, etc

What it is about

Whenever you face a lack of specialised IT resources, CN Group can build up dedicated teams of various sizes and profiles.

Media & Publishing
E-commerce, Retail & Service
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
Engineering & Construction
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Working with our clients

Thanks to 26+ years of experience in the outsourced software development and 100+ projects on a yearly basis CN Group is able to efficiently and flexibly build up dedicated teams of various sizes and profiles. From individuals with specific profiles to entire teams with sizing according to actual business needs. We also pay attention to personal fit. Having dedicated team it also means to mitigate risks of business knowledge loss as CN Group is responsible for knowledge care and share within new team members. Organisation is also relieved thanks to transferred responsibility for staffing, project management and stability.

Try to model your own Dedicated Team and get indicative costs calculation (average hourly rates).

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Collaboration models
  • Individuals integrated to a customer team (analyst, deves, tester, UX etc.). ScrumMaster is usually provided by a customer

  • Team integrated to a customer IT organisation. CN Scrum Master supports the team and collaborates with customer Scrum Master / PM who is responsible for entire project

  • Independent dedicated team having its own project responsibility, fully managed by CN Group directly reporting to customer Product Owner

Case studies

thinkproject managed services GmbHConstruction documents speeded up
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