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Flexible IT specialists for your projects

A number of companies are facing a shortage of specialised IT resources. Their needs evolve dynamically in line with the changing business or labour market situations.

Thanks to our long-term experience in outsourced software development, we build remote teams that meet your requirements.

Typical customer’s challenges are:

  • Speeding-up time to market
  • New tasks resulting from digitalisation not fitting their current IT organisation
  • Missing technical knowledge
  • Lack of resources in their region
  • “Time boxed” project
  • Too many individual high-cost contractors

Modern software technologies

Technology stack and size of the dedicated team is up to the customer to decide. 100% of our projects are currently running the agile methodology, which we adopted in 2006. Typical web project consists of 2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers and 1 QA engineer, with a Scrum Master allocated for a sufficient time. However, CN Group also has experience of building larger teams and, through our certified Scrum Masters, it helps customers with their organisation. You will never be at risk of business knowledge loss. CN Group is always responsible for knowledge care and sharing with new team members.

Try to model your own Dedicated Team and get an indicative cost calculation (average hourly rates).

Collaboration models:

  • Individuals integrated into a customer team (analyst, deves, tester, UX etc.). ScrumMaster is usually provided by a customer

  • Team integrated into a customer IT organisation. CN Scrum Master supports the team and collaborates with customer Scrum Master / PM who is responsible for entire project

  • Independent dedicated team having its own project responsibility, fully managed by CN Group directly reporting to customer Product Owner

Case studies

Construction documents speeded up

Construction documents speeded up

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