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Application or platform for automating your decision making

Almost every company runs internal processes that can end up in more than one final state, requiring evaluation of many conditions on the way to deciding the best path to take. In such cases the biggest challenge is to maintain changes in internal decision workflows in their full complexity.

Automation of the workflows in repetitive decision-making processes is one of digitalisation’s base steps. A dynamic application or platform for business decision making, based on workflows and condition evaluation, will give you easy maintenance.

There are many off-the-shelf systems for managing decision workflows. However, not all of them make it easy for you to administer the inclusion of the many steps needed for integration with your other internal systems. For this reason it is usually better to use a bespoke solution.

CN Group has already applied decision workflow solutions to supplier vetting, credit decisions, business assessments, and more. Because we pay great attention to the initial analysis, maps of typical scenarios, and paradigms for automation, in our applications users can create custom steps and easily use them when running decision trees.

Technology stack

This solution can be applied in any technology stack and in various languages. However, a significant number of our customers prefer the Microsoft technology stack and we implemented a credit decision system using mainly the .NET framework, ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL. We heavily utilised Windows Workflow foundation, which served us as an editor of the workflows and we also run an engine to evaluate every incoming application. In several cases with complex business logic, we used functional programming languages such as F#, react and ELM.

Examples of delivered Decision Workflows:

  • Supplier vetting system

  • Credit decisions workflow

  • Business assessments and more

Case studies

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Global vendors managed

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