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Automated Test Frameworks

For agile development, test agile

Thanks to our agile practises, your test framework will be easy to use by your engineers as well as by the people working on the services and products for your own customers.

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Test automation process for easy development

Agile development requires agile testing practices and one of the key elements of this is automation. Test automation involves performing software testing activities with little or no human interaction, in order to achieve greater speed and efficiency. This is especially useful if you need to frequently run regression tests.

Our test frameworks allows:

  • Continuous testing of the application features

  • Automated reporting – each run is precisely visualised and available for all project members

  • Automated logging – each step is logged with an exact record of actions performed

  • Server support – more tests can be run in parallel

  • Cross-browser support – where applicable, there should be no difference in usage between major browsers

  • Mobile support – for major mobile platforms and/or native mobile applications too

  • Integration – closer integration with ALM tools

Technology stack

Regarding the test pyramid, teams must sooner or later start writing API and/or UI automation tests. The typical technology stack is .NET or Java with Selenium WebDriver; however, we can align the test stack with the technologies used in the development stack. Thus, we can use RobotFramework for Python projects, for Javascript or Behat/Behave for Drupal or PHP frameworks. The crucial aspect is to have an interface to the continuous integration/deployment framework - we can integrate, for example, with MS Team Foundation Server, Atlassian Jira or Gitlab. Where desired, mobile support using Appium can be in place.

Typical usage of the test frameworks:

  • Continuous deployment support

  • Regression testing

  • Cross-browser checking

  • Automated reporting