AI/ML, IoT & HW Electronics

Solution Focus

The convergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) is redefining the way industries, business, and economies functions. In CN Group we follow a digitalisation path of our customers with solutions in the area of AI/ML, IoT and HW Electronics. 

CN Group Approach

CN Group is able to cover End-to-end projects:

  • Mechanical design
  • HW – Electronics
  • Embedded software
  • Cloud Software & Mobile Apps
  • AI/ML


In the IoT projects we inevitably follow five basic steps: communicate, analyse, create, aggregate, and act. In AI and Machine Learning (ML) projects our experts work together with SW developers and create intelligent machines that simulate smart behaviour and supports in decision making. Now after first successful PoCs we are in commercial projects implementation and collaboration mostly with R&D departments of large organisations. Thanks to a combinining of our expert software development skills and mechanical design engineering services running for more than 5 years we are capable to combine all those skills into End-to-end projects.

What it is about

Thanks to a combination of expert software development, HW electronics skills and mechanical design engineering services CN Group is able to cover End-to-end projects.

Embedded & Healthcare
E-commerce, Retail & Service

Hardware Electronics

CN Group hardware electronics engineers design the technology of the future. Our team is capable to creating structural HW electronics design, managing dimensioning of electronic circuits, circuit diagrams and PCB layouts up to HW prototyping and assembly.

AI/ML & IoT Technologies:
  • Deep Learning models using Keras/TensorFlow to classify usage patterns from sensor data

  • Data analysis

  • Connection with cloud IoT frameworks as AWS IoT Core

  • Sensor fusion with advanced algorithms such as Kalman and Madgwick

  • Mobile and web applications for end users, data presentation and dashboards

  • C/C++ for embedded development

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