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CN Group is a solution driven company

Our expert knowledge from our cross-industry solutions will help you successfully meet your business needs on time.

Over 28 years we have developed bespoke systems to reach business goals and give our customers competitive advantages. In many industries we have created architecture designs and proven approaches leading to unique custom solutions.

Dedicated Teams

When you face a lack of IT resources, we can build up teams of various sizes and profiles.
Media & Publishing
E-commerce, Retail & Service
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
Engineering & Construction
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Integrations & API

Securely handle data exchange between your system and external entities through an interface or within an integration.
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
E-commerce, Retail & Service

Decision workflow automation

Dynamic applications or platforms can enable easy maintenance and change of internal decision workflows of any complexity.
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation

Finance Back-office

Highly customised internal back-office systems that exactly fit your business needs, saving you time and money.
Engineering & Construction

E-commerce Portals

Thanks to a precise fit to your users’ and business needs, a bespoke solution will drive sales and handle your customer interactions more successfully.
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
E-commerce, Retail & Service
Engineering & Construction

Automated Test Frameworks

Automation is one of the key elements for success in agile testing and frequent regression testing.
Aviation, Logistics & Transportation
E-commerce, Retail & Service

Digital Media

If you are a digital publisher, we can cover your entire publication process, including performance perfection, with our bespoke technical and UX solutions.
Media & Publishing

AI/ML, IoT & HW Electronics

When you need to connect applications devices and AI/ML functions into end-to-end projects.
Embedded & Healthcare
E-commerce, Retail & Service
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