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ISTQB certification

All our testers hold ISTQB certification. Their skills, combined with our strong domain knowledge and excellent project management, ensure the highest quality of the software we test. 


QA specialists

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. That is the reason why we have grown our Testing Department, with more than 50 Test Engineers now on board. Our QA engineers work not only on the software we develop, but also on making sure that IT systems produced by our customers, or their other suppliers, function perfectly. Our QA folks always apply the right mix of manual and automated testing and, in some special cases, also include security testing in our service.

Our QA testing aproach

Our testing service is based on the standard V model, so for all levels of development activities, there exists a validation activity from code review to the final system or acceptance testing. Our test engineers cover the following activities:

  • test analysis & test planning
  • preparation, and update, of the test environment and test data
  • testing itself
  • reporting defects found, using all stand-alone bug tracking systems
  • test reporting
  • automated testing, (see below)
  • leadership of the testing team(s)

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The agile testing challenge

Unlike traditional testing, Agile testing changes the paradigm and responsibilities of test engineers. It puts more emphasis on prevention rather than correction; on face to face communication or informal reporting; and, moreover, it uses more techniques such as exploratory testing or test automation.

Our Agile teams have extensive knowledge of UI black box testing tools such as:

  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Robot Framework
  • Protractor
  • Cypress
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QTP)
  • Test Complete
  • Behave, Behat
  • Ranorex

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We have on board more than 40 Test Engineers and all of them hold ISTQB certification.

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