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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining the way industries, businesses, and economies function. It allows users to connect and exchange data between devices and entire systems via the Internet or other communication networks. In IoT projects, we inevitably follow five basic steps: communicate, analyse, create, aggregate, and act. In these projects, Data Scientists work together with SW developers to build intelligent machines that simulate innovative behaviour and support decision making. After the first successful Proofs of concept (PoC), we are in commercial project implementations, mostly with Research and Development (R&D) departments of large organisations. Thanks to a combination of our expert software development skills and mechanical design engineering services running since 2017, we are capable of combining all these skills into End-to-end projects.


Computer aided design

Mechanical Design Engineering plays an essential role in IoT device development. Having an in-house CAD (Computer Aided Design) team enables us to seamlessly integrate all product features into a device using the agile methodology. Our services range from early stage concept analysis, through prototyping, serious solution models and drawings. With technical design of laboratory testing equipment and assembly fixtures, we can cover basically the entire R&D cycle of an IoT product.

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Hardware Electronics

Electronics is the heart of any IoT device and many aspects need to be taken into account when designing them - safety, power consumption, cost, connectivity and compliance, to name but a few. We have also experience with making your existing design more cost-effective or adjusting it to different components, more readily available on the market.



Embedded firmware is the soul of embedded devices and that goes double for IoT. Given the often limited resources available to MCUs, a large operating system may simply not fit or cause excessive power consumption or costs. As such, the choice between bare-metal programming or using an operating system is often a hard one and needs to be evaluated individually. We have experience with both approaches and will guide your decision-making.


Data collected from IoT devices is nothing unless used to derive genuine business value. With our extensive experience in solving industry challenges, we can help to design, prototype, and deliver solutions that drive business value from IoT data. That way, we can help you make use of your data as never before. For those customers who are hesitating to start with AI, we offer the Design Sprint approach - in five days, you find out if AI has, or doesnt have, potential in your particular challenge.



In more than 90 % of our projects our customers want cloud solutions to be a part of their projects. Our consultants and developers have experience with cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. At CN Group, we emphasise the creation of serverless, scalable data infrastructure in the cloud that can easily handle big data and the adoption of best practices around CI/CD and DevOps approaches to data.

Web/Mobile app development

For most IoT devices there is an iOS and Android app helping in various ways. From setting up and pairing the device to showing valuable data, dashboards or recognised patterns from machine learning principles. Apps are usually connected to IoT devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). And for mobile development we are able to suggest different sets of technologies based on the customer’s needs and specific use cases. From pure native development in SwiftUI and Kotlin to beneficial cross platform hybrid solutions like ReactNative or Flutter. As CN Group has got broad experience building entire ecosystems for customers we are able to set up everything from backend developments serving frontends on both web or mobile platforms.