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Have your decisions data-driven

Do you want your data to give better business results? Want to improve your reporting?  Missing BI experts, consultants, or developers in your team? Need to see the first usable results fast? Well, don’t hesitate to bring your business idea to us and we will find a smart way to implement it.

We can help you to get BI results quickly and efficiently. Starting with a BI strategy, followed by choosing the right tools that will allow you to analyse your data faster and help you make better business decisions.

BI development with Agile principles

From 2006 we have been working in the agile way.  Agile’s ability to bring you value in the very early stages of a project is one of the reasons we recommend it. At the end of every sprint - which is usually 14 days long – you will get business value.

At the start of the cooperation, we typically offer a one-day PoC (Proof of Concept) workshop, during which our BI specialists develop a dashboard based on your data. In just a day you will have the chance to see the value we deliver and learn how we work.

Once you share your requirements with us, we can move on to the strategy development stage. When this is ready, we can create the first dashboard based on the selected KPIs you want to follow. The whole thing can be completed in just a few weeks.

Bi Process

Benefits of BI approach

  • Data Centralisation - One source of the facts

  • Up-to-date dashboards available at all times - operational efficiency is ranked as No. 1 in surveys among BI users

  • Mobile friendly - fast reporting in your pocket

  • Cost-saving - especially visible in the long run

  • Generating insights - BI is not so much about nice visualisations but more about seeing correlations that help you make better business decisions

  • Data unification - you can have the same information kept in different formats in various systems. BI can help you unify all your data.

  • Tools selection is driven only by your needs – CN Group is technologically independent as we are not selling any 3rd party tools or software

BI benefits

BI Related Insights

day to a Proof of Concept
months (or less) to your first dashboard set
state of the art BI tools
days between each business value delivery
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How to start with BI

At the beginning of the potential collaboration, these questions help us to get oriented in your business area:

  • What reports do you currently use?

  • Will it be possible to show them to us?

  • Where is the data the reports are based on stored?

  • What do you want to measure or control (for example numbers, volumes, SLA, portion/percentage, etc.)?

  • How often should metrics be updated?

  • What dimensions do you want to see the metrics by (for example time, departments, employees, ...)?

  • Where is the data stored (database, on premises vs Cloud, other sources used)?

Thanks to fast data analysis and our sophisticated usage of BI tools, you can make better business decisions.
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To learn more about Business Intelligence and data related topics just email us or call us directly.
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