CN Group


Our Services are:

  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Added Value IT Consulting
  • HW Electronics
  • Staff Training

Long-term technology partner

CN Group is a long-term, complete Solution Provider Partner offering each client a tailor-made package of Nearshore Services designed to meet their specific business and technical needs.

Working in a distributed way is in our DNA

Software Development, Consultancy and Mechanical Design Engineering are at the heart of what we do; but our services are wider than that, covering all stages of transforming a business idea into successful reality - from Business Analysis at the start, through design, development and testing, to DevOps at the end. Plus, many other Added Value IT Consulting options. 

Software Development
Mechanical Design Engineering
Added Value IT Consulting
Quality Assurance Testing
Staff Training
Business Intelligence
Internet of Things
Hardware Electronics
Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
Robotic Process Automation

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