Visit us at BASTA! 2019 Conference


This September, we will be at BASTA! - the leading independent conference for .NET, Windows and Open Innovation, from September 23rd – 27th in Mainz, Germany.

It is the first time for CN Group to exhibit at BASTA!, which for over 20 years has been an important conference for Microsoft, Cloud & Web Technologies. And what can you look forward to? There’ll be more than 130 workshops, sessions and keynotes from about 80 speakers; with main topics such as .NET Framework & C#, Agile & DevOps, Web Development and JavaScript & HTML5.

We are really proud that our developers, Roman Provazník, is going to be one of the speakers and he’ll be giving a talk about F#, the functional programming language with amazing features such as pattern matching, algebraic data types and omnipresent immutability. Roman’s session will show how to use functional .NET concepts to handle complexity in any type of day-to-day business applications - good old ASP.NET web applications, server-less pipelines in the Cloud, Docker services - you name it.

BASTA! is a good time to catch up not only on the latest technologies and trends, but also to meet business friends, partners and enthusiastic developers, to share news and discuss ideas for the future.

So, if you are around, we hope that we will see you there and bring you up to date on our company’s progress, on new .NET solutions for your projects and lots more.

BASTA! 2019 Conference

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