Co-organizing LambdUp: a functional programming conference


This year, CN Group has become a proud co-organizer of LambdUp, theonly event with focus on functional programming in the Czech Republic. The conference will take place on the 13th of September in Prague at La Fabrika.

The aim of LambdUp is to bring the functional community together and spread the knowledge of technologies like #F, elm, Reason, Elixir or Closure. After a successful first year, the organizers have decided to continue and to further expand their focus to more technologies and a slightly bigger event.

The event day starts with technical workshops, two of them being hosted by CN Group in our Prague offices and led by our Senior Developers Tomáš Horáček and Roman Provazník. After lunch, the conference programme at La Fabrika continues with seven talks by world leaders in the field, such as Philip Wadler, Alfonso Garcia-Caro, Mateusz Zatorski or Saša Jurić.

Co-organizing the LambdUp conference comes naturally for us, as CN Group has already been supporting the local #F community Fsharping, and helping with Elm developers meetups for a couple of years. We also use functional languages on our projects, with more than 15 projects using ReactJS and 3 established teams for client projects in F# and elm. This has turned out to be really beneficial, leading us to support LambdUp as a great opportunity to raise awareness about functional programming.

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