CEO Position Handover


Steen Westh Nielsen handed over the CEO post to Michal Širica, his former Deputy CEO, who also combinated the roles of Director of Operations and of Sales in the German speaking markets.

Michal joined CN Group in December 2008, with responsibility for sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). He came to us from Siemens IT Solutions and Services where he was Sales Manager and brought with him broad experience in IT sales in a large part of our target market.

Since then he has played a major part in building up our presence in the DACH market, which now accounts for about 60% of our revenue.

In preparation for taking on this role, he undertook training in Management skills with the Boston Consulting Group. Two years ago, he was appointed Deputy CEO, and, a few months later, he took over as Director of Operations in addition to continuing as Sales Director DACH.

Over the years Michal has demonstrated abilities not only as a salesman and a leader of our main workforce, our IT engineers, but also in establishing and building up our branches in Bratislava in 2015 and our newest site in Bucharest in September 2016.

Given his record of achievement across a broad range of activities, we are absolutely confident that Michal will continue and expand CN Group’s 25 year story of success.

We are really grateful to Steen for creating an amazing company where thousands of people found their career paths, friends, knowledge, experience and challenges as well as joy.

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