CN Group hosts 4th Partnership Programme Conference in Bratislava


The fourth CN Group Partnership Programme Conference took place on 26th and 27th April at CN Group Offices in Bratislava and the Prematial Palace. Over the two days, there was a creative exchange of ideas and opinions and, as in earlier conferences, it was generally agreed that the networking events where common experiences could be shared, were the most useful. We were delighted that participants from 9 companies and 4 countries took part.

The overall theme of this year’s conference was IT’S ALL ABOUT PARTNERSHIP! – Sharing Challenges and Solutions. We talked about GDPR, the new EU-wide Data Protection Regulation, and our Partners described the current status of their preparation, showing a high degree of readiness. Other themes of the conference were: Building Cultural Bridges in Digitalisation Process, The SAFe Way from Waterfall to Agile, Server-less Architecture, Design Sprint, Elm, F#, and Kick-Off meetings as a Success Factor.

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