Simply Better


The Bohemian town Kašperké Hory nestles in the Šumava Mountain Range, on the edge of the beautiful  Šumava National Park. In the medieval era it was a major stopping off point on an important trade route from Central and Southern Germany. It was here that CN Group held our half-yearly Management Strategy and Budget Review Meeting in early April.

The entire Management group from our four centres - Prague, Bratislava, Bucharest and Zíln – came together to consider how we could be Simply Better , adopting “Simplicity for greater efficiency”, the overall theme of the Review. Through two days of carefully prepared presentations from each department, group exercises, brainstorming sessions and informal discussion, we explored ideas about simpler and more effective ways of being better at what we do – Nearshore Outsource software development, testing.

And it wasn’t all sitting around in a stuffy meeting room all day talking. We took full advantage of our beautiful surroundings, on long walks along forest tracks, we split up into working groups to brainstorm strategies for simplification and map out action plans. The fresh, spring mountain air was a great stimulant!

By the end of the two days, we returned to our various bases, not only refreshed but with plans for improvement. CN Group is prepared for providing our customers with the best possible services in a constantly changing and uncertain business environment.

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