CN Group at the Universities


Here is an example of a collaboration with the VŠE, the largest public University of Economics in the Czech Republic, with almost 18,000 students.

VŠE established a course to teach students to develop web applications by working on real commercial projects with help from working professionals. CN Group assisted them with their most recent iteration of the course starting in October 2016.

Forty students took this course, developing eight projects using ReactJS, Redux and NodeJS. CN Group developers created the course materials and exercises and took part as ‘Product Owners’ in the real-world exercises. So, thanks to CN Staffers Lukáš, Martin, Jan, Jiří, and in particular, Tomáš for the splendid work they put in making this VŠE course a great success. Here’s to the next academic year when we’ll do it again! We are also currently teaching another IT course in Zlín university.

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