Strategy at Lipno Lake


At the start of April, the CN Group management team, along with our middle managers, met for two days on the shores of Lake Lipno in Šumava National Park, to discuss strategy and prepare the business forecast to the end of the year. Among the topics high on the agenda were simplification of the way we do business, our continuing search for new resources, employee motivation and new commercial offerings to our customers.


The lakeside atmosphere was bright and sparkling and seemed to inspire everyone, for the discussions were particularly productive. On the resources front, we are adding one major initiative to the CN University and recruitment in Morocco started in 2014 and 2015. A number of motivational initiatives were agreed, including the re-launch of the Junior Ambassador Programme which some readers may remember.


New commercial offerings to be rolled out to all customers this year include a complete Turnkey IT outsourcing service and Security Penetration Testing. In addition, CN Group’s internal mentoring and talent programmes will be opened up to Partnership Programme members’ employees to help them more quickly adopt new technologies and agile methodologies.

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