CN Group sets up Architect Chamber


As part of its continuing drive to improve knowledge sharing and service excellence in the CN Group, we have founded an Architect Chamber, a group of software architects and experienced senior developers who meet regularly. The Chamber serves a number of purposes.

The first is to exchange best practices, innovations and technology news for the successful project implementation to CN Group customers. Such forum full of architectural experiences, with the spread of new ideas, and the discussion of anything that we feel could benefit the work of other developers and in the end the final project outputs.

The second is to advise the company management on a variety of topics from the developer’s perspectives. This advice could be, for example, how some decisions could be devolved to developers thus speeding up processes; how to improve the recruitment process; improvements to working practices; or suggestions for tackling some problem facing CN Group. The Chamber’s role is purely advisory, decisions are for the Management Group, but it is felt all round that input from the more experienced part of the developer community will greatly benefit the decision making process. The Chamber also plan to hold education activities, covering topics such as “SMART”, the Self Motivated Research Team.

“At our meetings, we usually talk about new technologies, new developer tools, interesting design patterns or an unusual solution of some problem” said Bohumír Pospíšil, a member of the Chamber. “In this way we are trying to spread knowledge and prevent the repetition of the same mistakes over and over.”

Meetings of the Chamber also serve a wider purpose. As CN Group grows day by day, being aware of what’s going on throughout the company becomes less easy. Seeing people who share the same problems, but come across each other frequently, is good in itself; and it gives them a chance they would not otherwise have to get to know each other better.

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