New wave of CN University starts at all CN Group branches


Building on the great success of the previous waves of the CN University, on 20th of July we launched a new wave. This time we expanded our search for talented people to Bratislava and Zlín. Surprisingly we discovered much greater interest among Bratislava’s students than we had expected. Despite it being the holiday season, we received five time more motivation letters in Bratislava than in Prague. Thanks to such high demand, we had to shortlist applicants to only ten people who were then invited to join the CN University Programme start-up phase.

Another novelty is that we have expanded the list of supported university technologies to C#.Net, Java, C++, PHP, AngularJS, Automated testing, PHP, CAD and Mobile development. The students will be ready to support real project within a couple of weeks.

Within the first week of the new CN University wave starting, we have noticed couple of talented guys with very good communication and technical skills already on junior level. Therefore we have invited these students to standard CN Group interviews for Junior developer position. Those who passed our interview were given the chance to skip the first university phase and to join us on real projects under the supervision of our senior developers.

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