CN Group helps TF Bank launch new Avarda online payment service


CN Group customer and Partnership Programme member TF Bank of Sweden, has successfully launched Avarda, a new invoice payments service for online retailers and their customers. Avarda is a joint venture between Intrum Justitia and TF Bank and aims to become one of the leading provider of payment solutions for online purchases in the Nordic countries. The software solution underlying Avarda was developed by CN Group, which started working on the analysis and solution design in the summer of 2014. The service was rolled out in the Nordic markets at the beginning of this year.

The Avarda solution lets online merchants receive payments instantly while offering consumers the opportunity to pay on invoice, by instalments or on revolving accounts. Merchants can use the service with their own branding in ‘white-label’ mode, so they can communicate directly with their customers and thereby strengthen their trademark and competitiveness.

CN Group is continuing to work with Avarda, developing new features of the service.

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