Software Quality Days in Vienna


CN Group is participating at Software Quality Days 2015, Europes leading conference on Software Quality. You can meet us once again in Vienna, on 21-22.1.2015 at booth 17. David Janota, our QA Director is contributing to the conference with a short lecture on his experience with the Disciplined Agile Delivery framework. The presentation is called " DAD - Hands-on".

The key subject at Software QA Days this year is Software and Systems Quality in Distributed and Mobile Environments.

High software and systems quality are success-critical factors in engineering practices and refer to product, process, and service quality. However, quality attributes have to be embodied within individual phases of software and systems development. In distributed engineering environments, where various stakeholders coming from heterogeneous disciplines have to collaborate and interact efficiently. Additional quality attributes with focus on collaboration and data exchange apply. Mobile environments typically refer to product quality and include quality requirements regarding usability, interaction, safety and security.

Further topics include:

Testing (methods, automation, tools)

Software quality management

Process models and optimization

Lean and agile methods

Version and configuration management

Metrics and dashboards

Software usability

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