First CN University student nears end of course


At the CN Group Partnership Programme Conference that took place December 5th, we were proud to announce that the first group of six students of the newly founded CN University are well into the final phase of their studies, and one of them will complete the course by the end of December. On graduation, he will start work with CN Group as a Junior .NET Developer.

The CN University was started by CN Group earlier this year to provide practical professional work experience and training for talented young people, some of whom may not have the full academic qualifications, but who nonetheless show aptitude and enthusiasm. The programme will also help CN Group find, recruit and retain the best young IT talent. We see it as an important investment in the future of our people.

Spread over five to six months, the CN University programme has three phases, the first of which is a two week evaluation and selection process during which the candidates get one day of training and then are set a task to be completed by the end of the period. In phase 2, the selected students are assigned to project teams for three months, under the supervision of a senior developer, to build up wide experience. In the final phase, students work as a full member of a project team, building up the knowledge and skills needed to start work as a Junior Developer. This last phase takes two to three months depending on the ability of the student.

The first student for a pilot course was enrolled in June 2014, and public recruitment started in July. 24 candidates were interviewed and 12 invited to take part in the selection tests. Six qualified for the second phase and are now nearing the end of their course. Two further rounds of recruitment to the CN University are already planned for 2015, one for Angular.JS developers and the other for developers working in mobile applications.

You will find more information about the CN University and a contact address at

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