CN Group in Healthcare


CN Group, the prominent Danish-Czech-Slovak near-shore outsourced software development group, provides services in a new business domain – Medical and Healthcare since May 2013. Building on work done for a selected handful of clients, the Group has the technical and business experience to offer its software development and QA services to medical and healthcare customers in its prime markets – Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

CN Group CEO, Steen Westh Nielsen, said “Although it is new to us, we have spent some time building up our knowledge of this business domain, starting with small projects that play to our established strengths in other domains, such as mobile and embedded technologies. We have invested in acquiring the right knowledge and experience and the appropriate medical software QA qualifications, and are now ready to market ourselves in this exciting and innovative market.”

CN Group focuses on winning Medical Systems Engineering clients in a number of specific area; for example software for diagnostics, medical devices, and laboratory equipment. It also plans to leverage its deep knowledge of large scale financial and aerospace information systems in the areas of Healthcare IT, telemedicine and Hospital Information Systems. To support this initiative, CN Group is certified in necessary standards -  ISO 13 485 (including ISO 9001), ISO 14 971 and IEC 62 304.

CN Group is a joint venture of two Danish IT companies which for 19 years has been providing outsource software development and QA services from production centres in the Czech and Slovak Republics to blue-chip clients in its home markets, Scandinavia, Germany and the UK. It has extensive knowledge and experience in Finance, Aviation, E-commerce, Telecoms, Mobile and Embedded, and now, the Medical and Healthcare domains.


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