Drawing lessons from our 25 years experience of Nearshore outsourcing, we provide a range of IT Consulting packages tailored to help companies plan, develop and ensure the success of their Outsourced Software Development Programmes.

Consulting For Outsourcing

  • Strategic advice, help and planning intended mainly for customers new to software development outsourcing

Consulting On Quality Assurance

  • Quality Management System Implementation
  • Quality Management System Certification
  • Developing and Improving Quality Management System
  • QA and Testing of 3rd Party software

Other Consulting Services

  • Project Planning and Project Management
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Business Processes Analysis and Design
  • Return on Investment Analysis

Contact us

Hana Šulcová
Hana Chundelová Šulcová

Sales Director
+420 234 375 185

Why Choose us

  • Well established, financially secure
  • EU based: Geographic & cultural proximity
  • 25 years experience
  • Trust & fair-play
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • Partnership Programme benefits
  • Pro-active, taking full responsibility
  • Risk sharing, cost savings
  • Agile approach