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Aviation, Logistics & Transportation

Aviation, Logistics & Transportation

CN Group has worked in the Transport sector since 1996 and in Logistics since 2012.

Thanks to wide cooperation with several ferry and marine organisations since 2014, CN Group has expanded its logistic and transportation knowledge to cover the ferry and marine business areas.

Our customers within the domain include:

  • Stena Line (S)
  • FerryGateway Association (S)
  • Gulf Agency Company (UAE)
  • iForce (UK)
  • Nomad Digital (D/UK)
  • Stena Metal (S)
  • Flatirons (US/NO)
  • Color Line (NO)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams   Decision workflow automation   E-commerce Portals   Integrations & API   Automated Test Frameworks


Among the projects we have implemented are:

  • Infotainment system
  • Parcel delivery optimization
  • Travel and cargo systems for ship transportation
  • Route management
  • Fleet and on-board mobile apps
  • FerryGateway protocol
  • Different modules to the existing core systems
  • Health and safety apps
  • Customer portals


Since its launch in 1994 CN Group has provided services to clients in the Banking & Finance sector and in 1999 the company started providing software development services to the International finance sector.

Our experience in Finance covers wide areas and CN Group has developed a very robust business knowledge base, not only in the standard banking environment, but also, and mainly, with the new finance products (Fintech) and services.

In the Banking & Finance sector we have worked mostly with Scandinavian, German and Czech customers:

  • Atronic (S)
  • BlueStep Bank (S)
  • Börse Stuttgart (D)
  • Commerzbank (D/CZ)
  • DMA (D)
  • Expercash/MasterCard (D)
  • Fintech (D)
  • Komerční banka/Societé Generale (CZ)
  • NGM (S)
  • TF Bank (S)
  • InterCard AG (D)
  • Citibank Europe (CZ)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams   Decision workflow automation   E-commerce Portals   Finance Back-office   Integrations & API


Among the projects we have implemented are:

  • Payment, mortgage & loans systems
  • Automated template systems for bank service contracts
  • Stock exchange validation tools
  • Finance back-office systems
  • Customer portal
  • Archiving
  • Payment card applications
  • Integration with core banking systems
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Security testing
  • DWH performance tuning
  • Integration platform connected to various systems including legacy ones
  • Collection application
  • Secured on-line payments

E-commerce, Retail & Service

CN Group has worked in the E-commerce, Retail and Service industries since 2005. E-commerce projects became an integral part of many industries other than purely e-commerce focused ones. With our experience, we are real experts in delivering e-commerce solutions to our partners.

CN Group has clients in the E-commerce domain mainly in the Western European countries across many business domains:

  • Acumen Commercial Insights (UK)
  • Beeware (D)
  • Braun/Procter & Gamble (D)
  • KISKA (A)
  • Manpower (S)
  • Mayoris (CH)
  • Peek & Cloppenburg (D)
  • Shoreline (NO)
  • Stena Steel (S)
  • Swarovski (D)
  • Tickaroo (D)
  • Weekamp Deuren (NL)
  • Zebware (S)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams   E-commerce Portals   Integrations & API   Automated Test Frameworks   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning   HW Electronics


Since 2005, CN Group has realised various types of projects for customers with e-commerce requirements including development of:

  • Secure on-line payment solution
  • Various web-page applications
  • Various customer portals
  • Booking systems & sites
  • Various GUI front-ends
  • B2B and B2C mobile applications
  • Product configurator
  • Multisites
  • Cloud data orchestration

Media & Publishing

CN Group has worked in the Media and Publishing sector since 2013. Thanks to the experience gained by working with a diverse number of customers, we can cover the whole publication process, from creating content to its visualization tailored for specific audiences. Most of our clients in this domain are from Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Our customers in the domain include:

  • Bauer Media (D)
  • Burda Media (D)
  • Cision Group (UK)
  • Xpublisher (D)
  • (D)
  • derStandard (A)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams   Digital Media


We have experience working on:

  • Online radio platform
  • News portal
  • Media intelligence software
  • Internal editorial system
  • Digital media products
  • Mobile applications


CN Group has worked in the Security sector since 2010. Thanks to cooperation with German and Austrian companies we have built extensive knowledge mainly in the area of access systems, surveillance systems and CCTV encryptions.

Our customers within the domain include:

  • Abus (D)
  • Axess (A)
  • euroFunk Kappacher (A)
  • Interflex/Allegion (D)
  • SeeTec (D)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams

Related case studies:

Case study: Workforce Management Application


Recently we worked on:

  • Schedule planning application
  • Attendance web and mobile system
  • Access management app
  • Integrated safety system
  • Workforce management system
  • Integrated automated testing of electronic locking system
  • Embedded locking software
  • CCTV
  • Surveillance systems


CN Group has worked in the Telecoms sector since 1997. Since then we realised various types of projects mainly in network monitoring and configuration, technologies for MNOs and IP hardware and software protocols.

Our customers within the domain include:

  • Cisco Tail-f (S)
  • Vodafone (D)
  • Anritsu Solutions (DK/J)

Currently we are mainly working on:

  • Network configuration tool and customer customisations

Engineering & Construction

CN Group has worked in the Engineering and Construction sector since 2017.  Our customer base in this area is mostly in the German speaking markets and the Nordic countries. The solutions we build with, and for, our clients are mainly in activities such as e-commerce and operations.

Our customers within the domain include:

  • Dörner (A)
  • Lampiris (B/NL)
  • Linde (D)
  • Schelling (D)
  • Strabag (A)
  • Stena Steel (S)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Dedicated Teams   E-commerce Portals   Finance Back-office


Since 2017, CN Group has realised various types of projects for the customers in the domain including development of:

  • Licence pool tool
  • Automatic batch production protocols tool
  • Reporting data transformation platform
  • Raw material ecommerce platform
  • Customer portal
  • E-commerce solutions

Mechanical Engineering

CN Group has worked in Mechanical Engineering since 2015. During these five years we gained vast experience in this area ranging from early stage concept analysis, through technical design of individual parts and assemblies, to drawings for development of the production process. Moreover, we provide support with the technical design of laboratory testing equipment and assembly fixtures. We are very proud that one of our designed product has been ranked among 100 top inventions in 2019 by TIME magazine.

Our customers within the domain include:

  • Procter & Gamble (D)
  • ESL Group (UK)
Mechanical Engineering

Our service mainly consists of:

  • CAD designing
  • Parametric 3D modeling
  • Technical drawings

Embedded & Healthcare

CN Group has worked in the Embedded sector since 1999 and in Healthcare since 2014. In 2019 CN Group started end-to-end development of Artificial Intelligence and Internet-of-Things solutions.

Our customers in the domain include:

  • Commend (A)
  • Geratherm Respiratory (D)

Examples of delivered solutions:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning   HW Electronics   IoT

Embedded & Healthcare

Since we began in the sector, CN Group has realised various types of the projects for our customers including development of:

  • Wireless processing of spirometric data
  • Embedded communication systems