HW Electronics

HW Electronics

Overall safety and cost-saving system

Our engineers are able to design electronic circuits, mainly with a focus on microcontrollers.

Having safety principles in mind, we use fail-safe design techniques and extensive testing as key components. At the same time, we will carefully  help you  system and select for you the correct parts to prevent excessive power consumption. In cases of wireless connectivity, we will recommend for you proven solutions and off-the-shelf modules, which lowers the development costs and minimises risks of compliance issues.

Thanks to our services and knowledge, you can also reduce the price of electronic products by taking advantage of the immediate market situation rather than fear it. At the same time, we can advise you on how to save the money in technical ways, such as having boards that support alternative parts and even whole alternative blocks.

Part of complex IoT solutions

Providing HW development services enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions in the IoT world.

Forms of cooperation in Electronics projects

At CN Group, we can offer you complete electronics design based on customer specifications during which our dedicated team will cover development of the entire project, from architecture, through design and implementation to testing. Another option is customer engineer work offloading, i.e. integrating our experienced engineers into your project group. You will of course own the intellectual property rights to your product in both models of cooperation. 


  • Microcontrollers based on ARM, ESP32 and similar architectures
  • Wireless chipsets from Nordic Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments and Espressif
  • Xilinx FPGAs
  • Altium Designer
  • Fusion 360
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