CN Group

Code of conduct

At CN Group, we expect everyone to:

  • Exercise proper behaviour
  • Follow and encourage compliance with the law, the Code of Conduct and policies
  • Support the highest standards of integrity
  • Report actual or suspected improper behaviour

Risk and Compliance

Integrity is one of the core operational values of CN Group, a Ciklum company. We run our business ethically and responsibly. Thereby, we are committed to complying with the highest integrity standards.

CN Group, as a Ciklum company, uses a Ciklum’s Code of Conduct that describes how we apply Ciklum values to the way we work every day. It also explains our commitments and, more importantly, our expectations of everyone.

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Code of Conduct

Speak Up

If you have witnessed unethical behaviour you can raise it on the Speak Up helpline.

The Hotline offers a global 24/7/365 Ethics Reporting service through a toll-free number in all countries where CN Group operates. Trained agents take calls in English, French and Spanish. They can further support another 150 languages, and also support  those with hearing or speech impairments. A call back with a local language translator can be agreed.

Czech Republic: 800-144-056

Slovakia: 00-800-2002-0033

Romania: 0 800890192


Our independent provider, WhistleBlower Security Inc., ensures 100% confidentiality and, if needed, anonymity. Ciklum company, of which the CN Group is a part, strictly forbids any retaliation against anyone who reports a concern in good faith.

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