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Interflex Datensysteme GmbH

Interflex is a German part of the worldwide Allegion plc. network delivering individual security concepts for access control, biometric identification, video surveillance, security control centres and visitor management.



Requirement to CN Group

Interflex requested to develop a Mobile Web Application that would allow employees to view their work schedule, swap shifts with other employees, create vacation and sick leave blocks in a calendar, manage attendance and receive shift and work-related notifications. The app also had to store the employee’s personal data such as phone numbers, e-mails etc., run offline and be installable without an App Store. CN Group was expected to design the whole solution and recommend a technology stack.


React logoReact
Typescript logoTypeScript

Provided services

  • Analysis
  • Design & Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing

Interesting Facts

  • First PWA developed by CN Group
  • Only 8 months from idea to market
  • The project confirmed that a tiny team of specialist from both companies can deliver very big business value
  • The project was started by a two-week "proof of concept"


The project started with a kick-off session between Interflex and CN Group´s dedicated experts in May 2018. At the beginning there was a two-week ‘proof of concept’ phase and CN Group came up with the solution of creating a Progressive Web Application, that the user would be able to install on their device, without the need to open it in a browser.

During the development there were releases containing new features 3 times per year. CN Group used the latest React, TypeScript, and PWA technologies such as Service worker implementation, for offline support, and Application manifest to enable the app’s installability. Our experts also integrated the app with an already existing back-end.

The very first version of the application was delivered to a customer in April 2019. The result was a custom web app optimised for mobile views, equivalent to the other native apps that the user already had on their home screen. This provides a native-like application along with offline capabilities, while still being a web app at its core.

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