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thinkproject is a German-European group of companies bringing document intelligence to the construction domain. Its document management system allows creation, validation, distribution and archiving of technical docs for construction sites.


Engineering & Construction

Solution type

Dedicated Teams

Requirement to CN Group

CN Group was asked to extend the customer’s in-house IT team with new CN team members to gain higher velocity, shorter delivery times as well as bringing the latest trends and technologies to the project. The goal for the joint team was to develop a new solution and deliver the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in January 2020. The application solution desired should allow thinkproject’s employees to perform formal checks of uploaded documents or new versions, including high quality validation, while reducing the average time spent on a single document.


Java 13 logoJava 13
Spring Boot logoSpring Boot
Angular 8 logoAngular 8
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H2 logoH2
PostgreSQL logoPostgreSQL
Liquibase logoLiquibase

Provided services

  • Analysis
  • Software development

Interesting Facts

  • From design prototype to real application in 6 months
  • Start of cooperation in only 10 weeks following the first contact
  • First CN Group project in Dresden
  • One of the first times Progressive Web Apps (PWA) used in CN Group


CN Group cooperated on the project from the very beginning, extending the team with two developers with both backend and frontend capabilities, and a Product Owner Proxy (Consultant) team member. The proximity of Dresden to CN Group’s Prague headquarters allowed frequent on-site work and smooth integration into the customer’s IT department and company as such.

The project followed agile principles and Scrum methodology for development, typically running 2-week sprints. In May 2019, a shortened Design sprint session with target users helped to define the scope of the MVP, as well as to design the most important UI layouts and principles. By the end of 2019, the MVP was implemented, fine-tuned, and it was deployed live in January 2020 as planned, enabling an earlier return on investment. The project now continues with the implementation of new epics, adding new features and capabilities to the solution, which will bring additional revenue to the customer.

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