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Requirement to CN Group needed to solve the slow rendering of their news site in situations when editors wanted to change many pages at the same time. This usually took them several hours. The second requirement was to make the article formats more flexible, because the current set-up was very limiting and did not perform well for their customers. The final task for CN Group was the redesign of the payment gateway implementation website.


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Provided services

  • Analysis
  • UX design
  • Software development
  • Added Value IT Consulting
  • Quality Assurance Testing, Design & Architecture

Interesting Facts

  • It used to take 7-10 hours to render the news site, now it’s done instantly

  • is the most-visited German-language celebrity portal, with almost up to 70 million page views per month. It publishes around 80 articles, 20 videos and 24 Social-Topics a day

  • was the first large CN Group´s project for Hubert Burda Media Holding


Cooperation with started with kick-off in December 2015 and CN Group dedicated eight experts to the project. CN Group's analysis tracked down the main source of the slow performance of the site to the use of an old Drupal version for the content management system (CMS) which was rendering the frontend and was loaded to the edge of its full capacity.

A and CN Group team discussion came up with a joint solution: an architecture upgrade was implemented consisting of a switch to Drupal 8 and separation of rendering from the CMS by implementing  middleware generation of the content. As well as the architecture upgrade, CN Group also developed for a mobile App in React Native.

Since October 2016, CN Group and have worked closely on the architecture, constantly refining it to fit the current needs of modern web applications, for example, moving from pre-existing static content to content generated on-demand.

With the fast expanding business models of and its changing needs, CN Group also helped in implementing several APIs and connecting them to various payment gateways for the INSIDE premium program. Customers are now able to buy online subscriptions to the magazine and get access to even more background information in the world of Stars & Royals.

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