Trainee programme

CN University - Start your IT career with us!
  • A paid trainee program with a work contract for a definite period - up to 6 months
  • The goal is to continue together even after this period, if both parties want to
  • Support from CN Group´s senior colleagues
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What is it about?

  • CN University is an on-the-job training programme, up to 6 months long. During this programme you will go through several phases. Each phase focuses on you getting specific experience, building up to the skill set required to become a junior developer or scrum master. The main goal of the entire programme is to give you a chance to learn new skills with supervision from our senior colleagues.
  •  After you successfully complete the trainee programme, you will become an important part of a real development team, in a Junior Developer/Scrum master position, where you will get interesting experience working on international projects, and with the newest IT technologies.

Who is an ideal participant?

Whoever wants to be a software developer or scrum master. It does not matter to us whether you have ever worked in IT before or what you studied, the most important thing to us is your enthusiasm and your willingness to learn new things

Do I get pay?

  • No worries - you will be paid during this programme. We'll give you the First reward after successful completion of the first phase, and for all the phases after that you'll get an employment agreement.

Is it possible to both study and do this programme?

  • Yes, absolutely! You can do this programme either full¬time or part time (50% as the minimum).
Do you want to learn the scrum process and understand agile methods in practice? Apply for the CN University trainee program. The condition for qualifying to take part is that you introduce yourself to us. How you do it and  what form you choose we leave up to you. We start on 25.5. in Zlín and 31.5. in Prague.

Interested? Apply now!

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