The CN Group Nearshore Calculator is a new tool that will help you, new and prospective customers, plan the use of a CN Group team on your next project. It allows you to build and cost various model teams, simply and easily using real team member experience levels and current rates.

How we put a team together

Based on experience of over 22 years of doing nearshore outsource development, CN Group has developed a set of best practise rules-of-thumb for team building, which we think will help you when modelling your teams using the calculator.

Dedicated teams are the most effective from both productivity and cost perspective:

  • provide continuity to customers, across multiple projects, securing knowledge transfer from the customer to the team
  • develop greater synergy with the customers’ staff and operations, so more easily becoming a part of their organisation
  • enable deep-seated knowledge sharing, giving customers full access to the accumulated experience of CN Group
  • benefit from developing a long-term relation from group working with customers, leading to better understanding, more effective communication and greater innovation

Balanced teams matter! It is tempting to think that a team staffed entirely by experienced seniors will be quicker and produce higher quality work. But our experience tells us that the best teams have a mixture of seniors, juniors and students. Such teams have greater cohesiveness, are more creative, show higher productivity, and generally bring higher value to the projects they work on.

How to use the Calculator

The inputs to the calculator are:

  • The number of resources of a particular category you think you will need. The categories are fixed: Project Manager, Senior Developer, Intermediate Developer, Junior Developer, Student, Tester.
  • The allocation of each resource expressed as a percentage. If you need resources of the same category but for different allocations (e.g. 1 Senior for 100%, 1 Senior for 50%) just sum up the numbers.

B2B Calculator

Project Manager
Senior Developer
Intermediate Developer
Junior Developer
Please allocate at least three roles to enable rate calculation.