Components of the blockchain ecosystem

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21 Feb 2022
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Like any other software platform, blockchain has an ecosystem where components are dependent on each other.

Blockchain ecosystem
  • Projects — The Blockchain ecosystem is currently running with some major projects and more are in the pipeline. Bitcoin, Neo, Stellar are some popular names.
  • Users — Blockchain users are ordinary people, who make use of the blockchain or cryptocurrency to achieve some results.
  • Exchanges — Every Blockchain project has a robust ecosystem working under it, that includes a decentralised exchange. Exchanges are developed by the Blockchain team or the community of other developers.
  • Miners — Blockchain requires a large network of independent nodes around the world to maintain it continuously. In private blockchains, a central organisation has authority over every node on the network. In public blockchains, anyone can set up their computer to act as a node and these computers are called miners.
  • Developers — Currently there are two types of developers in the blockchain ecosystem: blockchain developers and dApps developers
  • Applications — Industries, developers and communities build blockchain applications to serve a specific purpose. They are called dApps and are the foundation of Web3.0

Architectural view

These are the most common layers available with every platform.

  • App layer — most commonly contains legacy and enterprise apps.
  • Integration platform — layers with different kinds of protocols, like REST, governance and API management.
  • Blockchain access layer — features to fetch and write data to the blockchain
  • Analytics — reporting, dashboard or analytics-based system
Blockachain ecosystem

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