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CN Group is launching its first Hiring week

by Marek Steininger · June 19, 2022 · 1 min read

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Following the example of Ciklum, which regularly runs Hiring Week recruitment campaigns, in mid-June this year, CN Group decided to go for a similar concept. Its purpose is to hire as many senior developers as possible to selected job positions in a single week. 

The main attraction in particular for the programmers will be, a recruitment benefit of CZK 50,000, which the company will pay to each of those newly hired employees along with their first salary. This first Hiring Week, organised by CN Group starts on 20th of June and will focus on .Net technologies.

“This campaign is coordinated together with Ciklum and therefore we can share experience with each other,“ says Yulia Zhombina-Bicakli, Head of Recruitment, Locations of Ciklum. 

You can find the website through which you can log in or invite your friends or colleagues under this link.

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