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24 Aug 2020
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During more than 26 years in software development outsourcing, and almost 15 using the agile approach, we must admit that we have identified several critical points in software development Nearshoring. Although sometimes we have been in some hard situations, it is thanks to these that we learned a few things. Our colleague Magdalena interviewed CN Group managers to compile our four secret tips for success that we would like to share with you.

1. Kick-off

The proper cooperation and project start have a great influence on general project execution. By organising a joint project kick-off workshop, you will get everybody onto the same page. This means understanding the scope of the project, agreeing the processes, as well as simply getting to know each other better. Having such a session at the beginning of the project is not unusual. But how to do a proper kick-off is where the secret lies. As a minimum, we recommend covering the following:

  • Project vision
  • 1st milestone scope
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Selection of agile ceremonies
  • Choosing tools
  • Establishing meeting and communication standards and schedule

2. Product owner

The Product Owner is one of the key factors in a project’s success - she or he is the main representative of the customer in the project. This person will make the key decisions about the requirements and optimise the value of the work the development team performs. It is very much in the interest of a company ordering a custom software development that they make sure that there is one of their people who is in charge of the initial development verification and has the capacity to reply to and clarify any questions and doubts coming from the company doing the development. An engaged product owner not only ensures a successful market adoption of the product but also improves the satisfaction of the development team who, as a result, simply know what to do. But sometimes, a company will lack such a person; and fortunately, we can help support your Product Owner with an experienced Product Owner Proxy as part of a dedicated team.

3. Retrospective as a risk mitigation tool

Detection of possible risks in a project can save us from serious efficiency problems. Our verified way to do this is to organize regular project retrospective meetings within each sprint or milestone focused on project execution and organisation. During such meetings we encourage everyone to share their feedback and ideas openly but in a structured way. Retrospectives can be organised in many different formats such as “start, stop, continue” or “liked, lacked, longed, learned”.

4. Respecting cultural differences

Finally, if you work with outsourcing companies, there is a high probability that many of you are not based in the same country. Remembering to be sensitive to and, more importantly, respecting each other’s culture is the key to successful cooperation and partnership. Be aware of the main customs and the main national holidays of your partners and plan the project and cooperation accordingly. This is exactly why we always try to discover about not only the business factors but also the geographical and cultural environment of all our partners.

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